About us

The Speech and Language Store was formed by two experienced Speech and
Language Pathologists/Therapists.  We work together with the talented folks
at Edugame to develop apps that are inspired by the children we work with.
Between us we have over 27 years of experience working as SLP/SLTs with
children who have a wide range of communication needs.


We specialise in complex special needs and work on a daily basis with
pre-school and school-aged children, as part of a multi-agency teams
within hospital clinics and school settings.  We are excited by the possibilities
that technology can bring to therapy; we find that use of technology,
however simple, helps the children we work with to win the battle against
their attention, comprehension and interaction difficulties to allow them to
engage in constructive learning.
We have always marvelled at the determination and resilience of the children
we work with and the parents and professionals who support them, and

felt they deserved useful, high-quality and fun therapy resources.


Our apps are designed for children, not just those with Speech and Language
difficulties and also provide typically developing children with opportunities to
practise their listening and language skills.  We’ve had some great feedback from reviewers and users alike and are eternally grateful to the wonderful online
community of bloggers, reviewers, parents and professionals who have embraced
our apps.  The feedback is invaluable to us, so please track us down on facebook,
twitter or via our email.  We always appreciate AppStore reviews too!


Contact us at info@speechandlanguagestore.com



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