ACTIONS WITH SPLINGO is the exciting new language app from the Speech and Language Store - authors of the popular Splingo app series.


Designed by experienced SLPs, Actions with Splingo uses high- quality animations to teach children vocabulary relating to action-words, otherwise known as verbs.


The amusing animations will not only captivate your child’s attention but also provide much clearer demonstrations of the meaning of each action word than static images, thereby facilitating the learning process. Action words are an important part of a child’s vocabulary as they are essential in most sentences, but can be tricky to teach using traditional image-based activities.




All apps are available for

tablet devices too!

Actions with Splingo can be tailored to the child’s unique needs as individual action words can be selected and specifically targeted. The vocabulary is organised in a developmental hierarchy so that the level of difficulty can be matched to the child’s ability, to help them learn whilst being rewarded with success.


For example:

Easy: blow, brush, clap, eat, drink and many more

Medium: bite, carry, cut, read, swim and many more

Hard: bake, chew, count, drop, hold and many more


The user can also select the number of instructions within each game and the child is rewarded for each correct answer with a full-screen animation complete with entertaining sound effects!


Other handy features include:

- an option to save the game and return later; a useful feature for therapists and educators working with several children on different concepts.

- written text accompanying instructions can be turned on or off

- the ability to repeat the instruction or pause the game to assist the child if necessary

- a record function, to encourage expressive language skills – the child can record their

description of the animations and play it back


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