Describing Words with Splingo

Describing Words with Splingo

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Teach adjectives to children of all ages

Describing Words with Splingo is a new app from the authors of the highly popular Splingo speech therapy apps series. Describing words, or adjectives, are a fundamental part of what gives our wonderful language its richness and depth.

Imagine a world where we didn’t use describing words to elaborate, embellish, decorate or enhance our language. Pretty dull, huh?

Children, particularly those with difficulties acquiring speech and language, need help to develop their use of adjectives. We can do this by modelling such language in everyday situations but many kids also love the gameplay of apps to help reinforce their learning.  

Describing Words with Splingo uses nearly 1000 high-quality images and a customizable menu to reinforce over 100 different adjectives of differing complexity.

How to play

Learn describing words by listening carefully to Splingo the Alien’s instructions. Use the menu in ‘Settings’ to customise the words that you want your child to practice. You can also choose between a US or UK voice.

Once in the gameplay screens, listen to the instructions and touch to select the correct image. Immediate visual and auditory feedback is provided to teach your child the correct vocabulary.

There is a ‘Record’ and ‘Playback’ feature for monitoring children’s responses. Correct responses lead to a separate reward game (build and race a car!) to help keep your child focused and motivated.

Why it works

The Splingo series of apps have been designed by Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists with over 35 years of experience to help children listen to and understand verbal language.

Children’s natural fascination with technology encourages engagement with speech and language apps and allows us to target specific language and vocabulary, alongside more traditional play-based approaches to learning.

“The children all love Splingo…especially the encouraging words (yep,yep,yep, ooh whoo etc!)
and the rocket! The pace is great for speech/language delayed children.”
Speech and Language Pathologist
“I thought it was great and the best app yet that I have come across for dealing with all the concepts that are facing him currently, e.g. Listening skills, memory skills etc.”
Parent of a child with Downs Syndrome