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Our Splingo Apps

All of our apps are designed and developed to motivate, encourage and teach children different aspects of language in an engaging manner. Each app focuses on a unique aspect of speech and language while aiming to appeal to children’s natural fascination with technology through fun animations and reward-based gameplay. Find out more about the wide variety of apps we offer below.

Splingo Apps

Splingo’s Language Universe

An exceptionally high-quality, interactive game designed by Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists to help children learn listening and language skills.

Pronouns with Splingo

Using fun animated scenes and a motivating reward game, Pronouns with Splingo will help teach the understanding and expressive use of a wide range of pronouns.

Receptive Language Assessment with Splingo

Using high-quality, engaging images and animations the Receptive Language Assessment tests language comprehension of a variety of word types, at four different levels of complexity.

Actions with Splingo

Using highly entertaining and detailed animations, Actions with Splingo teaches verbs, or action words, which are important building blocks for sentences.

Categories with Splingo

An exciting and engaging app to target vocabulary development by sorting everyday items into categories, with a crazy catapult reward game! 

Describing Words with Splingo

Describing words, or Adjectives, are a fundamental part of what gives our wonderful language its richness and depth.

Early Words with Splingo

Early Words with Splingo was inspired by one of the young people that we work in our clinical practice.

Past Tense with Splingo

Past Tense with Splingo embraces children’s natural fascination with technology and encourages engagement with language activities, allowing you to target specific language structures such as Past Tenses that can be difficult to address in play.