Categories with Splingo

Categories with Splingo

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Motivating app to teach Categorization skills

Categories with Spingo is an essential therapy and teaching tool from the authors of the successful Splingo series of Speech and Language Therapy apps.

Developed by experienced Speech & Language Pathologists/ Therapists (SLPs), Categories with Splingo uses bright, colourful images and motivating gameplay to encourage children to learn categorisation skills.

Speech and Language Pathologists frequently target categorisation as a key cognitive-linguistic skill in the development of language and vocabulary acquisition. Being able to successfully categorise supports the development of receptive language, expressive language, vocabulary and links between concepts.

Fun gameplay and reward game

This app is fun, motivating and highly engaging for children of all ages. Multiple categories are available to select from and simple but effective gameplay allows children to focus on sorting of key vocabulary. Select the categories you wish to sort then drag the pictures into the correct categories.

Audio reinforcement helps children to focus, and correct and incorrect responses support learning. The written word can be displayed if required to support reading comprehension. There is also an exciting and motivating Splingo! reward game to really hold children’s attention!

Features an extensive library of categories and subcategories

Categories and subcategories include:

  • Animals

  • Transport (Land, Air, Sea)

  • Clothing (Warm and Cold Weather)

  • Food (Vegetables, Fruit, Sweet)

  • Drinks

  • Toys

  • Sports

  • Musical Instruments

  • Furniture

  • Body Parts

“The children all love Splingo…especially the encouraging words (yep,yep,yep, ooh whoo etc!)
and the rocket! The pace is great for speech/language delayed children.”
Speech and Language Pathologist
“I thought it was great and the best app yet that I have come across for dealing with all the concepts that are facing him currently, e.g. Listening skills, memory skills etc.”
Parent of a child with Downs Syndrome