The Receptive Language Assessment is an essential professional tool from the authors of the highly successful language comprehension game, Splingo’s Language Universe.


Developed by experienced Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists to assess language comprehension skills from Preschool level upwards, the Receptive Language
Assessment is the first and only of its kind.

Using high-quality, engaging images and animations the Receptive Language Assessment tests language comprehension of a variety of word types, at four different levels of complexity.   At the touch of a button the Receptive Language Assessment provides detailed analysis of the results, including a breakdown by sentence complexity, sentence type and individual errors.
The clear and professional report can be saved, emailed and printed for inclusion in clinical/educational records.

All apps are available for

tablet devices too!

The assessment is fully customizable to meet
your student’s or client’s needs.


• Assess a variety of word/sentence types at 4 increasing levels of complexity

• Generate clear, professional reports at the touch of a button and print via email for

   intervention planning and inclusion in client’s records

• Create multiple client profiles including thumbnail photos

• Select US or UK vocabulary options

• Select US or UK audio options

• Real voice (not synthesized)

• Save an assessment part-way through and return at a later date

• Select start and end point based on your clients language levels

• Trial items to allow the student/client to become familiar with the assessment format

• Include/exclude reward system featuring our entertaining alien, Splingo

• Include/exclude the written sentence to assist comprehension, or for use as a reading comprehension assessment


The Receptive Language Assessment tests a variety of word and sentence types at four different levels of complexity:


• 1 main word – object nouns, person nouns, location nouns, verbs, prepositions, size adjectives, color adjectives and attribute adjectives

• 2 main words – seven different sentence types e.g. object-person, adjective-object etc

• 3 main words – seven different sentence types, e.g. adjective-object-location, person-action-location etc

• 4 main words – seven different sentence types, e.g. object-preposition-adjective-location, person-action-preposition-location


Lighten your load and make heavy awkward paper-based assessments a thing of the past.  Capitalize on children’s natural fascination with technology and engage them in fun, motivating language assessments whilst getting the language results you need!

NB The Receptive Language Assessment is designed to be used
by SLPs/SLTs, teachers, Psychologists and other professionals qualified in child development/teaching.


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