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Reviews and testimonials

Thank you to those of you kind enough to get in touch with your feedback –
your ideas and encouragement are invaluable!


Speech and Language Pathologists/Therapists:


I am a Speech Language Pathologist in the US working in an elementary school- ALL of
my students love this app. It's great for so many different levels of language learning.


The children all love Splingo...especially the encouraging words (yep,yep,yep, ooh whoo
etc!) and the rocket!  The pace is great for speech/language delayed children.


My students love this interactive game. It combines ID, following directions and
prepositions. Waiting for more from this developer!!! Sometimes they even ASK for it

because it's so much fun!!!!


I love this app and so do the kids I work with! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and
probably use this app more than any other I have purchased. Its great for targeting more
complex directions and i love how you can customize.


Really awesome. This app is a great multi- tiered language app. The lessons have a built in
reward system (multi- tiered). It focuses on following directions/auditory comprehension.
It is very engaging- use for kids with autism to developmental language/cognitive delays.
I wish the developers would make more apps like this one- I'd buy them all!


We have even been mentioned in The ASHA Leader in their article

“Apps: An Emerging Tool for SLPs”

(October 2011)


Overall what I really like about this app is the ability to create a baseline of my client's
skills for understanding sentence structure and following directions of increasing complexity.

The kids loved the reward system where Splingo the entertaining alien does flips as
they complete tasks.




Parent of a child with Downs Syndrome:

I thought it was great and the best app yet that i have come across for dealing
with all the concepts that are facing him currently, e.g. Listening skills, memory
skills etc. so well done ! and look forward to your next one ! He loves the iPad
but would have a low tolerance for learning apps on it – would much prefer to
play angry birds on the iPad so am constantly looking for an app that will hold
his attention. This is the first one in a long time that worked!


I liked that I could choose which language aspects to work on and the complexity
of the instructions.  My girls thought that they were just playing a game
but were actually working on concepts such as size, color, shape, and positional
language (on, above,
under etc.) I’m happy with this purchase and I can see many ways to utilize it.


My kids love it. Speech therapist recommended this game for my son who has
speech and language problems. He and his sister both play and enjoy every time.


This is perfect for my slightly special education son. It teaches them to listen to
instructions and he loves making the rocket. My five year old just told me "I love that
game" as I was writing this. Great graphics and my two kids could play this forever.
Definitely worth the money. We did not encounter any problems with the program.
Thank you for giving me such an affordable "game" for my son to practice his listening
skills and for my younger daughter just to enjoy!